Van Duyn Comprehensive Plan to Enhance Our Resident Experience


Van Duyn seeks to improve communication between its residents, its residents’ families and stakeholders within the community.

  • Formation of the Van Duyn Family Partnership:  Complete

The Van Duyn Family partnership includes representatives from the Family Council, community advocates and senior Van Duyn executives and ensures the Family Council’s input and concerns are heard and attended to.

  • Communications Audit: Complete

A letter was sent to families and responsible parties to introduce Dan Detor, Interim Administrator, to provide a direct line of communication between families and the administrator, and to solicit feedback to ensure contact information is current.

  • Expansion of the Concierge and Customer Satisfaction Programs: Complete

The expanded concierge program is now staffed 7 days per week, 24 hours a day. This expansion will create round the clock access for family members to their loved one’s caregivers.



A positive resident experience depends on sufficient staff levels who are properly trained and experienced.

  • Recruiting: Complete

Van Duyn is working with community leaders to recruit, train and place high-quality staff.

Van Duyn has placed job ads. Van Duyn has hosted multiple job fairs at the facility, and will continue to do so.

  • Hiring: Complete, 66 new hires as of 4/23/18, exceeded goal

Van Duyn has placed an added focus on recruiting and professional development opportunities for staff. Van Duyn planned to add 50 additional employees.

  • Increase Opportunities for Staff: Complete

Van Duyn is conducting staff training, has instituted a referral bonus program and has bolstered staff advancement programs. Van Duyn has expanded its program to train Resident Assistants (RAs) and its program to train RAs to become Certified Nursing Assistant (CNAs). In addition, Van Duyn is offering healthcare career pathways from CNAs to LPN and LPN to RN via tuition assistance, grants and other opportunities.


 A Culture of Compassion

Van Duyn has doubled down on its commitment to foster a culture of compassion and enhance resident quality of life.

  • Training: Trainer selected and scheduling training

Van Duyn has identified a professional that will retrain all staff on compassionate care and best practices in hospitality.

  • Chief Experience Officer: Complete

Van Duyn has hired an executive-level team member that is singularly focused on improving the quality of life at Van Duyn.

  •  Housekeeping and Maintenance: Complete

Van Duyn conducted an Internal Environment Audit, went through every room, identified items that needed to be addressed, and has addressed each item found.

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