Van Duyn Center For Rehabilitation & Nursing Is Constantly Engaged In Outreach and Charity Work!

There are amazing charity and outreach programs occurring at Van Duyn Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing on almost a daily basis!

Just last week we had our final fundraising for the American Heart Association! This is Kristin Thompson and Nancy Harris giving her the raised money!


Then we initiated the Vera House Campaign!



This week we initiated this incredible fundraiser in memory of a very special person:


Fundraiser In Memory of Samra Osmanovic

$3 Ice Cream Sundaes

1:00-3:00 pm Wednesday, March 7th

2nd Floor Recreation Hall

    One of the OCC students killed in a recent car accident in our community, was a former patient of ours at Van Duyn

Samra Osmanovic.

Samra touched a lot of our hearts when she was with us, as she was 18 years old and had lost both her lower legs and lower arms to a meningitis infection at age 4…..

She was a college student at OCC and was in midst of pursuing her dream of becoming a social worker. She may have been one of the picky eaters and requested to have ice cream at every meal, but she still made it to therapy to push herself to get back to class!

…..and never once let her disability affect her….even when her own Mother passed away at 42yrs old of breast cancer 10 days prior to Samra’s accident.

We are accepting donations to purchase a Wegmans Gift Card to assist the family through this difficult time.



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