Martha E

I’m acutely aware of the articles recently written about VanDuyn and would like to offer a view into some of the excellence that the Nursing home provides. I’m currently on the rehab floor of the center as a result of a severe injury. I needed wound care along with physical and occupational therapy. Prior to coming to VanDuyn I had spent 5 weeks in bed due to 7 operations on my arm. The result was a weakening of my legs to the extent that I was unable to stand or walk. The rehab department quickly changed that. The rehab department at VanDuyn is not only excellent but they are also compassionate. I’ve spent the last 6 weeks getting back up on my feet and now I’m ready to go home after 6 weeks! My prognosis by a physician at the hospital was 6 months to forever. If you are willing to work it, they and the therapies will work with you. I’m proof. So, with all the negative press, let’s not forget that all nursing homes have issues. Let’s not forget we are still in a pandemic and these workers have worked thru the worst of it and yet they still remain. There are good and excellent things happening at VanDuyn and what they offer the greater Syracuse community.