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Different Kinds of Dementia have Unique Walking Patterns

According to a new study by researchers at Newcastle University in the UK, people with different kinds of dementia have their own unique walking patterns. This can provide a non-invasive less expensive way to diagnose these kinds of dementias based on their gait (walking patterns). The study was published September 20, 2019 in Alzheimer’s &…

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Mixed Dementia may be the most Common Type of Dementia

Mixed dementia also called “dementia-multifactorial” is a disease condition where more than one type of dementia occur at the same time. However, only autopsies can definitely determine which kind of dementia or combination of dementias the deceased suffered from. At present there is no real way to diagnose mixed dementia. According to the National Institute…

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Disorientation in Seniors with Alzheimer’s

Disorientation in seniors with Alzheimer’s

November is the National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month. Alzheimer’s is the disease that causes progressive damage in the brain. Disorientation in seniors with Alzheimer’s is one fragment of how Alzheimer’s affects seniors. Currently, Alzheimer’s affects around 5 million Americans. Most of the people with diagnosed with Alzheimer’s are over the age of 65. But early-onset…

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Gastrostomy Feeding Tube Care

A gastrostomy better known as a feeding tube is called for when a person is unable to eat normally through their mouth. A minor surgical procedure inserts the feeding tube into the stomach. Liquid food is then poured straight into the stomach rather than by the mouth. Reasons for Needing a Gastrostomy There are several…

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Wandering is a Danger for People with Alzheimer’s Dementia

The Tendency to Wander by Seniors with Alzheimer’s Dementia is Dangerous to Life According to the Alzheimer’s Association, 6 out of 10 seniors with Alzheimer’s dementia will wander. This is so dangerous, as off they go and many get lost. Most of them will not remember how to get home. This is one of the…

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Depression Calls for Professional Medical Help

Depression is a very serious condition and mood disorder that should not be confused with sadness or loneliness. Everyone feels sad sometimes. A person may experience grief after the death of a spouse or other family member, but in time they get over these feelings and life goes on. Depression, however, does not usually go…

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Robots can Give Respite to Caregivers of People with Dementia

According to a news release March 19, 2019 by the University of California, San Diego, researchers have been able to identify characteristics and guidelines to be used in building robots for people living with dementia. The robots can also give some relief and respite to their caregivers. They presented the results of their research at…

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Vascular Dementia

According to the National Institute on Aging (NIA), vascular dementia also called vascular cognitive impairment (VCI) is the second most common dementia after Alzheimer’s disease (AD). While the symptoms may appear similar to Alzheimer’s disease, the cause is completely different. Alzheimer’s disease is caused by a buildup in the brain of beta amyloid and tau…

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