Recreation Therapy and Amenities to Make your Loved One Feel at Home

Pet Visits

When your loved one has to leave home look for a place that makes them feel-at-home.

When you are looking for a short or long-term rehabilitation and nursing care solution for your loved one, don’t overlook the recreational therapeutic activities and the amenities that can make your loved one feel good. Even if your loved one is in a frail condition, there are all kinds of activities they can still participate in. In fact, it is crucial to get seniors out of a shell and into socializing and participating in beneficial recreational activities. Leaving home is never easy and you want to make sure your loved one will feel at home as much as possible.

Van Duyn Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing

The Van Duyn Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing that overlooks Syracuse, NY has a lot to offer as far as recreation and also those little things that can help your loved one feel good. First of all recreational activities are tailored individually to the needs of every resident, so even frail seniors can participate in many of the activities.

Recreational Therapy

A vibrant program of activities and events under the skilled direction of the activities director provides physical and mental benefits, as well as a chance to socialize with other residents. These include a popular seasonal Gardening Club, which brings residents out to spend some time in nature and being in a wheel chair is no barrier to going out to the garden. Please see our earlier blog on Gardening Therapy from March 7, 2018. Many of the activities also include participation by visiting children, teens and pets.

Residents Council

A monthly business meeting called the Residents Council allows residents to attend and give their input about recreational programs and ways to make improvements. This gives resident seniors a feeling of dignity and being worthwhile.

Amenities to Make Residents feel at Home

  • Each unit for residents has a kitchenette so that your loved one can snack and drink beverages whenever they want to. This is so important to make your loved one feel at home. After all, when they lived at home they could eat or drink whenever they wanted to.
  • Cable TV and telephone service in the room are provided free of charge, although you need to bring a phone.
  • Whether they are coming for a short or long-term stay at Van Duyn, they can bring from home photos, their own bedspread or comforter, plants and some decorative things that they may be especially attached to.

Pet Visits

They can also have pet visits. Having their favorite doggie come to spend some time with them can really put a smile on their faces. Research has shown that pets and animals can provide a lot of therapeutic benefits for seniors. See our earlier blog about pet therapy visits from April 24, 2018.

Dining and Cuisine

Healthy and tasty meals are prepared daily by the chef and residents are allowed to choose what they want to eat from the menu, which offers them a choice of two main dishes. If neither entree appeals to them they can ask for a different dish. Sandwiches are also always available. Being able to choose dishes from a menu makes residents feel like they are “going out to eat.” Specially prepared meals are also available for those who have specific medical needs.

For holidays there are very festive meals to enjoy and socialize with other residents. Also, there are other great social events like pancake breakfasts, picnic lunches and barbecues.

Hospitals in the Vicinity of Van Duyn

Several excellent hospitals are in close proximity to the Van Duyn Center. They are as follows:

St. Joseph’s Health

Community-general Hospital of Greater Syracuse

Crouse Hospital

Upstate University Hospital


It is so crucial to find a good place for your loved one that will help make them feel at home and relaxed.


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