Does Van Duyn have cable television access?
Yes, residents supply their own 19-21″ television, and cable is provided free of charge.

Is private telephone service available?
Yes, residents supply their own telephone and service is available free of charge.

How do I get more information or schedule a tour?
Contact Van Duyn Admissions at 315-449-6078 or Community Relations at 315-449-6184.

Does Van Duyn provide short-term rehabilitation services?

Is parking available for visitors?
Yes, ample free parking is available on-site for visitors.

What is the daily rate for care at Van Duyn?
The cost of care depends on the needs of the resident. Please contact Admissions office at 449-6078.

Can family members take residents out for visits?
Yes, with advance notice and nursing approval.

Are pet visits allowed?
Yes. An immunization record must be filed with Van Duyn Activities. Please call 449-6154.